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 Welcome! Thank you for visiting Mae Bees' website. I started raising bees in 2013 and I love my ladies. It is an incredible sight and feeling when you see bees within a hive working as one.  We are organic farming and sustainable beekeeping.

About Us

Our Vision

To preserve, advance and secure the future of honeybees. To help in honeybee propagation. 

Our Goal

Promote and education the public about  honeybees. To be Chemical free/ natural beekeeping for the welfare of my honeybees. To be my best beekeeper through education and hard-work.  

Our Honeybees

To grow our apiary we collect swarms, cutouts and do splits. We let our honeybees raise their own queen.  We found that the honeybees are better at picking out eggs for queens then we are.


Honey Bee Or Honeybee


 There are seven species of honeybees and over 40 subspecies. They produce honey and pollinate more then 100 commercially grown crops in North America! Without bees we would starve. 

The Bee


 In the hives, there are two castes of female bees and the male bees. The two castes of female bees are the queen bee and the worker bees. The queen bee is the heart of the colony, without her the colony cannot survive. While the worker bees have many different roles in the hive from cleaning, to guarding and caring for the developing bees, to gathering nectar and pollen. The male bee is the drone bee. The drone bee's main purpose in their short life is to mate. Fun fact, in the winter, the male bees get kicked out of the hive! 



 Bees are a hobby that requires commitment. The time spent preparing the boxes, working within a hive, and harvesting honey adds up to be 40 hours a year for each hive! 


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We offer after hour swarm removal and cutout removal services. 

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