What is Beescaping?

Beescaping is providing of food year-round for bee forage. Planting for the bees includes planting large number of the same blooms in the same ares. The bees tend to prefer the amount provided by a large tree in full bloom and they may pass-up the opportunity to feed on a small patch of flowers.


How to help

 Bees can travel up to 5 miles  to collect nectar and pollen to feed their young. The bees have pigment that show ultraviolet light which helps them find plants. They will fly past small amounts of flowers to find a larger area of blooms. To help plant vines, trees, herbs and greater area of flowers. It is important to remember that you should always plant with seeds that have no GM. This will not only help bees but all pollinator. Since we started planting this way we have over 20 different pollinators in one flowering area. 

 You can also let your weeds grow. In the spring there are several weeds that flower (such as clover )  must people cut the grass every week instead wait until the flowers stop blooming.  


What to plant

When you plant you need to remember to plant local, native  plants. You can find a list of plant on your local agriculture extension office website. Here is a small list of save plants that help bee herbs, peas, mint,  beans, sweet grass,  apples trees , grapes. peach trees.