Save the Bees

We love bees


 We remove and relocate honeybees from homes and trees in the Union County and surrounding areas in North Carolina. We do not advocate killing honeybees, because they pollinate over 1/3 of our food. WITHOUT THEM WE WOULD STARVE. Use of Pesticides not only wastes the honey and wax, it kills bees that could otherwise be relocated and used to pollinate our food. Pesticides leave the hive and bees inside to rot, stink, and even ruin the structure around it! 



   Bees swarm for many reasons, the most common one is their hive is overcrowded. A swarm happens when a group of bees and a queen leave the hive to find a place for a new hive. The bees will rest in various locations when they land they form a ball around the queen to protect her. They may stay in that spot for a few minutes or a day. It is best if you do not touch or spray them they will not attack you and they will leave.    

Swarm Removal


 If you have a SWARM, CALL NOW there is no cost at all. It's FREE! If we come out and there are no bees there is a $50 service fee for cost of gas and time. You need to call before they find their way into your home. Please DO NOT SPRAY  

Bee Removal


 ​Structure removal is when someone cut a hole out to expose the hives and the bees. Be careful who you call make sure they care about the bees and your home. They should have the equipment to protect and clean any mess of the bees. If at all possible you should allow the bees to stay if they are not in a main wall. 

Please don't spray the bees. The spray only kills what you see and not the whole hive.

Why Bee Removal


  Honeybees are amazing creatures, they sometimes get where they don’t belong – like in our homes!  Honeybees are not messy house guests. They are one of the cleanest creatures in the world, but if you kill them, there will still be wax combs and honey left behind.  With the honey and comb in our home even if you can't see them, the smell of it will invite other critters into the home. 



If you have any question please ask