How do I get rid of bees in a tree?

“Mary, If you have honeybees in a tree, you may want to leave them be.”  

Bees are great pollinators and you will enjoy your flowers and/or garden being plentiful. I have had people in the past who requested I help them remove the bees and this is not an easy or inexpensive removal. When thinking about tree removal, most companies will not cut the tree down until the bees are completely removed or secured inside. With  that  being  said,  let’s  put the cost aside and think about the bees. 

How long do bees live?

This is a very good question. The life span of the honeybee varies:  the  location, climate, job and sex of the bees all  play  a  role. A honeybee colony can live for thousands of years. Each bee‘s  life is  different;  the drone bee  can   live several months until it starts to get cooler,  then they are kicked out of the hive to  die. The average worker bees lives 21 days  but, during the winter they may live up to a  total  of  3  or 4 months. If they are not tasked  with as  much  work  they are  able  to  live longer.  However,  the worker  bee  often  dies  from  work,  ultimately  causing  their  wings  to  fall  off. The queen  bee can live up to 5 years.